Monday, September 29, 2008

Summer Vacation in L.A.

I have finally posted pictures from our vacation in L.A. this summer! We have been out and about hiking whenever we have had the chance and I have spent very little time on the computer, which is how I think it should be in the summer.
We spent two weeks down in L.A. visiting my family and doing all kinds of fun things. We went to Universal Studios first.

Then we hit up the San Diego Zoo with my cousins Melanie and Camille. Daisy and Camille always have a fun time together and keep each other entertained.
Mel and the panda in the background. They were so cute!
The day we went to the San Diego zoo was Ruh's and my 4th anniversary. It was Mel's idea for us to take this pic.

Next we went to Seaworld.

Then we spent three days going to Disneyland and California Adventure. The day we were in California adventure was when the Chino Hills earthquake hit and all the rides were shut down for a while to be inspected. We didn't feel the initial earthquake since we were on Soaring Over California at the time. But we did feel an aftershock.

We also had a family bonfire at the beach. We were so happy that EVERYONE was able to come! With the size of my family it is really hard to get everyone together at the same time let alone at very short notice!

My cousin Eva-Karin and Garry. They will be getting married this December and I am a bridesmaid. That will make three weddings I have been in this year!

Melanie roasting her hot dog.

My cousin Katie and Auntie Max.
My cousin Mary Beth.
Mary Beth and her husband Daniel. Sorry you can only see his hand in this picture. He is a very handsome guy though. :)

My very wonderful and goofy Uncle Dave.
Ruh and Daisy.
I love this picture!
My Aunt Karin and Uncle Dave opened up there back yard for my 24th birthday party. We had a luau.
Uncle Dave usually has a garden in his back yard. He had dug up his plot and didn't know what to do with the pile of dirt. They were having a wedding shower in their backyard so he cleverly made it into a volcano. He put a tiki torch in the tip and named it Mt. Pu'u'O'o'. He lit it for my birthday party! I love Uncle Dave!
Soon to be married Eva-Karin and Garry.
Looking at the wedding reception site on Garry's blackberry.
My cousin Lauralyn.

Lauralyn and I bought this little guy for the luau. He now lives in Uncle Dave's pond.

We had a wonderful summer vacation. It was full of family and fun! We will be heading back down there in December for EK and Garry's wedding. We will ALL be there for Christmas. I told Ruh he has never experienced Christmas until he has had Christmas at my Gramma's. :)