Friday, July 13, 2012

Here we go...

This is the time of year when my blogging gets put to the side a little bit.  The sun is finally shining and we spend a lot more time outside.  Right now I am preparing for our big annual camping trip.  Taking stock of supplies, washing, reorganizing, menu planning, grocery shopping, pre-cooking certain meals and freezing them for easy prep while camping, are taking up my time right now.

We are going to be heading over to Eastern Washington and Banks Lake.  This is one of our favorite places to camp.  I can't wait for the hot Eastern Washington sun, the smell of sage in the air, a happy, dirty, little boy, watching Daniel and Daisy play in the water, going on evening strolls with my hubby, hiking, swimming and just simply living outside.  We don't have a set date of when we will be returning home, it will be when the food runs out.  That is why I am trying to be as careful with my planning as I can, to make sure everything goes as far as possible. 

So with that I bid you ado for a couple weeks.  Be watching for camping posts!

Happy summer everyone!  Get out there and enjoy the sun! Don't forget the sunscreen...and bug spray...(and flee collar and flee medicine for your dog because she is allergic to flees! Which could there be anything worse for a dog to be allergic to?!)!   Have fun!  :)