Saturday, August 17, 2013

Campfire Cinnamon Rolls...

I tried out a fun idea while we were camping in Glacier. My mother-in-law Bonita showed me the idea.
I put canned cinnamon rolls into orange peel halves.  My family was stuffed with oranges the next couple of days.  :)
 I made little tent packet out of foil and placed them in the hot coals of the fire.  I did end up scooping up coals and putting them on top of the packets as well. I just kept periodically checking them.  Some took longer than others you just have to keep checking.
 Five out of eight of the cinnamon rolls cooked up nicely.  I put a little bit of the frosting that came with the canned cinnamon rolls.  I would have loved to have made them from scratch but something tells me trying to make cinnamon rolls from scratch while camping would be a little...frustrating.  :)
Bonita enjoying her cinnamon roll and coffee.

Glacier Part 1...

We got home this past Monday from our annual trip to Montana.

 We drove as far as Banks Lake in Eastern Washington our first day.  This is one of my most favorite places in the world. We set up camp at Jones Bay and then went to our favorite hidden swimming spot. 
(My mother-in-law took the above three pictures of Banks Lake.)

Our first evening in Glacier at St. Mary it started raining right after we set up the tent.  Since we have a nice big tent we put our camping chairs in it and played a game of Scrabble.  My mother-in-law Bonita won and was very proud of herself.  :)
 The first hike we did was to Apikuni Falls near Many Glacier.  Right when we got on the trail we saw this little guy, a small back bear.  He was busy eating berries and could have cared less we were there. 

The twinnies.  My mother-in-law Bonita and her sister Bonnie. Bonnie and Frank live in Kalispell and do all kinds of climbing and hiking in Glacier. 
Me and my hubby.  Surprisingly he didn't make a funny face for this pic.

 Daniel held on to a string on Daisy's pack and called himself the orange caboose.

The caboose is wondering what the hold up is.
Almost to the falls.
Apikuni Falls
Had to bundle up to eat lunch next to the falls, it was cold and wet!
Me and my sweet boy.
The second bear we saw on this hike.  It too was busy eating berries and could care less about us.  Rue did have his bear spray out and ready though.  Encountering these two bears actually helped calm my fears of camping in bear territory.

To be continued...