Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Baking Bread with Momma...

The rain is coming down here in the beautiful Pacific Northwest which makes it the perfect day to bake some homemade bread to go with my Rasam soup I am making for dinner tonight.  As soon as Daniel saw what I was doing he wanted to help.  (Please note I don't have the best lighting in my kitchen for taking pictures.)

I tied on his little Starbucks apron and he went at his little ball of dough.  He used his little dough roller.  Later on he asked for a bowl and the whisk and he attacked his little ball of dough.  He's a very noisy bread baker.  :)
Tonight is Bible character dress up at church for Awana and I have his little costume all ready!  His costume revealing will be coming up later.  :)

Have a safe day everyone! 

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Pumpkin Patch...

Fall would not be fall without a trip to the pumpkin patch. My parents, Daniel, Daisy and I drove up to Buckley to Ziemke's Farm Fresh Produce.  Their produce prices are amazing! My mom bought 2 beautiful red bell peppers for $.20 cents a piece!  I bought some cute little mini pumpkins and my dad bought a huge box of apples for making apple butter.  And of course we picked out some pumpkins. 

We enjoyed the little petting zoo they have and my mom bought a nice big bag of fresh kettle corn.  We didn't ride it but Daniel liked seeing the big monster truck take off into the woods.

And here is Daniel with his carved pumpkin from Ziemke's!  He insisted Thomas be in the picture.  My mom helped him carve it over at my parents' house yesterday morning. 

I love fall! We are set to have a couple of very rainy days here in the Northwest complete with some rivers on flood warning.  It's definitely nothing compared to what they have experienced on the east coast and I am praying for all those impacted by hurricane Sandy. 

Sunday, October 28, 2012

"Like" me!!...

Earthen Vessel has a Facebook page and so far I've gotten 8 "likes"!  My goal is to reach 50 "likes" by January!  If I can reach 50 "likes" by January then I will have a giveaway.  I will randomly pick one of my 50 (or more!) followers on Facebook and they will be able to pick one of anything they want out of my Etsy shop!  I know there's not much in there now but in the next month or so I will be stocking it with more baby bibs and burp cloths, handmade greeting cards and handmade wool ear warmers.  I'm sure there will be at least a little something there you might like.  :)

So put out the word!  Go "like" Earthen Vessel's Facebook page and tell your friends to like it too!  Thanks everyone! I sure like you too!  :)

Friday, October 26, 2012

Where have you been?!...

I know, I know, I have been very absent from the blogging world.  But I promise I am back now!  We finally have gotten rain here in the Northwest after an amazing stretch of no rain and warm weather.  Now my attention has turned back to indoors with canning, cooking, sewing, scrapbooking and blogging.  I opened my Etsy shop back up and soon I will be adding a couple new items to my shelves.  For now my baby bibs and burp cloths are still up for sale. 

My hubby and I love to ride bikes in the fall.  We love to find trails in the country with beautiful fall colors.  Rue pulls Daniel in the little trailer behind his bike.

Our latest bike ride was on the Olympic Discovery Trail out on the Olympic Peninsula "It's a paved trail system that links Port Townsend on the Puget Sound to the Pacific beaches at La Push." .  That's right, Twilight country! :)  Most of the trail is abandoned railroad grade. We didn't do the whole thing, obviously.  We rode on a little section between Blyn and Sequim.  But we know where we want to start from next time so we can see more of it.

Love my goofy men!
Talk to you soon!! :)