Monday, November 24, 2008

The holidays (and moving and a wedding) are upon us!

Thanksgiving is upon us and I am very excited! I can't wait for the holidays to start! This holiday season is going to be a very busy one for us. We are in the last stages of buying a house and it looks like we will be moving the beginning of December. There is one more tiny hurtle that needs to be jumped so I am praying. Even if the house (for some strange reason) doesn't work out we will still have to move to another apartment. So either way, we are moving soon! I am tempted to start packing up all our books and knick-knacks into boxes just to get that part done.

Since I've been married I have always decorated the house for Christmas the day after Thanksgiving. This year I won't be. I don't want to pull out all the Christmas decorations and the tree to just have to pack them all back up a week later. I think the first thing I am going to unpack in the new house, after all the bedding of course, is the Christmas tree and a stereo to listen to Christmas music! It will be nice to have the tree up even in the middle of all the chaos. My hubby is going to be putting in new floors when we first move in so we will be moving the boxes from one room to the next while he works.

And on top of all of that my cousin Eva-Karin is getting married December 27th! I will be flying down with Daisy on the 23rd and Ruh will be flying down on Christmas Eve. We will be spending Christmas at my Gramma's. You haven't experienced Christmas until you have spent it at my Gramma's! The whole family is going to be there, I can't wait! I am a bridesmaid in her wedding. So far I have not gained any weight from being pregnant and I am hoping it will stay that way until at least five minutes after the wedding and I don't have to worry about fitting into a dress anymore! :) It's all so exciting!

I will keep everyone posted on what's happening! I might have to head to my mom's and borrow her computer to post updates while we are moving since we won't have internet right away.

Friday, November 21, 2008

First Baby Pictures

Well, here is my little sweety pie! This past Sunday I started bleeding but it turned out to be very normal spotting during this stage of pregnancy. Needless to say it scared me quite a bit as I thought I was having another miscarriage. My mom immediately came over and prayed with me. I felt a lot more peaceful after she prayed. I went to the doctor the next day and he checked everything out and gave me an ultrasound. It was so beautiful to see the baby on the screen. My last ultrasound ended so sadly and this time was the exact opposite. He said the baby was moving around quite a bit. The long thing highlighted at the top is the umbilical cord and the dot at the bottom is the heart. He pointed out where the arms were and you could see them wiggling all around! So cute! In a couple weeks I will go in again for a 12 week ultrasound. (I am 10 weeks now.) He couldn't get the crown to rump measurement because the baby was in a strange position. So he is going to try an abdominal ultrasound to see if he can't get a better view.
So far this little guy is giving me some pretty bad morning sickness. I am throwing up but thankfully not everyday! It seems only on days when I am overly tired. I do get a little queasy everyday but that seems to be taken care of by eating some crackers. The evenings are hard when I am cooking dinner, especially meat. BLEH! Fruit is absolute heaven. Right now I love kiwis and apples, really crispy apples. I am really looking forward to my appetite coming back!