Tuesday, July 25, 2006

"We're all going to sleep outside...naked!"

The temperature in LA the last several days has been almost unbearable. It has been in the 100's the last couple days and the rest in the high 90's. To make it worse it has been really humid. I am not sure what the percentage of the humidity is but when you are used to having almost no humidity at all this feels really bad. I have been to South Carolina in July and that is really humid! But here this is very unusual. My aunt has a little window air conditioner in her family so that is where we hang out most of the time. My cousins and I have gone to Wal Mart and the mall as well just to go someplace cool and air conditioned. We spent Sunday afternoon at the mall and everyone else in Southern California had the same idea! It was extremely crowded. My cousins said that it was crowded even more than it is around Christmas!! Last night was so hot in the house, my cousin Eva-Karin, shouted out as we were all getting ready for bed, "We're all going to sleep outside...naked!". Of course we didn't but we set up beds in the family room that has the little window air conditioner. Eva-Karin, Mary Beth, Lauralyn, Daisy and I all slept back there. It was so wonderful!! I am guessing tonight we will do the exact same thing. :)


rachd said...

Annie, I really sympathize about the hot, humid weather. It has been INSANE here in Virginia. If only sleeping outside nekkid would feel cooler--it wouldn't you know =).

But, how much fun for all you girls to get together--almost like a sleepover.

mreddie said...

The photo looks like a PJ party my girls used to have - years ago. We were raised without air conditioning, but it is a different story now. ec

Ruhiyyih Rose said...

Hang in there Annie! Go and run through the sprinkler :)

Bonita said...

Oh, there is Daisy! I miss her....tell her "Hello from GrandMa". I'm so glad everyone is having such a good time. I think your sleeping arrangement is fun, and I can just see Daisy keeping everyone awake with her little conversations.

It was so cold here last night, I had to close our windows. Amazing, this weather - a few days ago it was in the mid 90's.