Thursday, December 27, 2007

From way up north...

Sadly my big brother Ben could not make it home from Fairbanks, Alaska this Christmas. We missed him soooooo much. But he wrote an e-mail to my mom and I got a kick out of it. I think you will to. :)

Mother and Father, (and whoever else may read)

Thank you very much for all of the wonderful Christmas gifts.
They were all very much appreciated. Christmas morning here in
was graced with many little flakes of snow falling from the sky as I
heard the same was true of the Gig Harbor area. I had a very nice
Christmas dinner over at the Sr. Cox's. It consisted of green bean
casserole, lazy man potatoes (with the skins still attached to the
meat), glazed ham, crammed canberries, and some really good pinkish,
purple, slimey stuff (the stuff served every year in every household
universe-wide even on the planet mars, but no one (martian) really
exactly what it is but they eat it anyway because it's good) and of
course plenty of pies and cookies and other diabetic shock inducing
foods. I hope your Christmas was as fine as mine was, and I pray that
you have peace and joy as you ring in the new year. For those who might
be getting older don't forget to turn your hearing aides up so you can
actually hear the "ring".

With love,
(Benji in Alaska)


mom said...

This email made me chuckle. I knew you'd enjoy it.

Ruhiyyih Rose said...

Oh what a hoot! That crazy brother-in-law of mine :)

Defending the Faith said...

that guy should be strung up by his toenails and beaten with a dead, wet cat.

mom said...

Ben, you starting up a new blog?!

Anonymous said...

...dead, wet cat. More chuckles!

rachd said...

Merry (somewhat belated...) Christmas, Annie! I hope it was WONDERFUL!!

Your brother is TOO funny! :oP

itsboopchile said...

A brother like that is another blessing in your family.
Happy New Year,
Betty G

rachd said...

Happy New Year, Annie! Big Hugs to you and your family in 2008! :o)

Overcomer said...

I sent this pic to Kristen and she said Ben was beautiful! He got a kick out of that. Your header is lovely.

Overcomer said...

I think your header is wonderful! The pic finally popped up. For some reason my blogs no longer notify me by email that I've received a comment. I can't figure out why or how to fix it.