Friday, April 25, 2008

Winter Highlights

FINALLY! I have taken several months off from blogging and now I can say I am ready to come back. It feels fresh again and I am starting to have ideas of things I would like to post.

As you can see I added an e-mail subscription to the top-left hand column on my blog. If you would rather not come back and check my blog everyday you can put your e-mail address in there and it will automatically send you an e-mail letting you know I have a new post. I think it's a pretty nifty little device! :)

The New Year started out with a wedding. My cousin Mary Beth married her high school sweet- heart Daniel in January. I headed down to L.A. on New Year's Day for the wedding. I was a bridesmaid. I loved spending time with all my beautiful cousins and I can't wait to see them again this summer when we head down there.

Ruh, Daisy and I headed up to the snow in late January to do some sledding. There was a great place up at Snoqualmie Pass that was free. I had fun taking pictures and video of Ruh and Daisy. Ruh even talked me in to sledding down a couple huge hills by calling me a wimp. He knows if he calls me a wimp I will do anything! (Like climb up a cliff at Seaside and get stuck half way up because he wanted me to prove what I was made of!) Anyway, here are some pictures and video from our little snow-trip. :)Daisy is on Ruh's back! :)

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In March I was dying to get out and go on a hike so Ruh and I headed up to the Olympic National Park. We found a hike to a hot spring and decided to try it. Pretty soon we hit lots of snow and we weren't sure whether or not we should continue. But someone had made a compact trail through the snow. We think it might have been made with a sled. We were able to walk on the snow without falling through. After about 3 and half miles we started smelling sulfur but we couldn't find the hot springs. We came to a washed out bridge and after that the compacted trail ended and we couldn't continue. We sat down on the snow and enjoyed a little picnic. My mother-in-law Bonita had given Ruh some picnic supplies as a gift and they were a part of our lunch. I took a picture of Ruh's little picnic just for her. :) We never did find the hot springs but we really enjoyed the hike. It really got me fired up for some great summer hiking!

A couple weeks later my dad and I went back up the Olympics and went for a hike on the Spruce Railroad Trail along Lake Crescent. This an old railroad grade from World War I. It was a very easy hike but round trip it is 8 miles. We went only about 3 miles. We enjoyed the beautiful scenery of the lake. We even came across the remnants of an old railroad tunnel and came to a tiny little cove called the Devil's Punch Bowl. It is about 300 feet deep and a popular spot in the summer for swimmers to jump into.

I have a list of hikes that I want to do this summer. I hope to do a hike a week. I will have my camera with me! Bring on summer!!!


Rach said...

YAY! You're back! I sure did miss you! You've had some fun adventures while you were away and they were wonderful to read about. :o)

Jess said...

Welcome back, Annie! You were missed.

Overcomer said...

Hooray, Annie's back! I like the self portrait with the sun behind your head!

Love you,

Overcomer said...

Did I hear Ruh grunt on one of those sledding runs because Daisy bounced on top of him when they hit a bump?! That looked like so much fun!

Katherine Hall said...

Say, the next time you are out on a hike you should get some scenery shots for Susie!

Bonita said...

I'm delighted that you and Rue actually used that little picnic basket full of treats on a real outing! I had so much fun putting that together for him.

Ruhiyyih Rose said...

What a fun adventure! I love the wedding photos. You ladies are stunning - just beautiful!! :)