Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Camping at Quincy Lakes, June 2008

Our little one night camping trip to Quincy Lakes was very delightful. I have always been iffy about spending only one night camping, I just didn't think it would be worth it. But it was definitely worth it! It was easy because all our camping gear from our last camp-out was already out and ready to go. We headed over to Eastern Washington and its rolling prairies. I love heading over the mountains because the climate and scenery change so dramatically. On the west side of the mountains you have the pine trees, the sound, cooler temperatures, and more rain. On the eastern side of the mountains you feel like you have entered the old west with dry prairie, rolling farm land, ranches, lots of sun and warmer temperatures.

We arrived after George, Bonita, Taraz and Taraz's friend Aaron. When we arrived it was WINDY! Ruh had a little bit of a tough time setting up the tent but in the end he was successful. The rain fly on top was acting like a sail and making one side of the tent fold completely down when a big gust would come along. We decided, since it wasn't suppose to rain, we would take the rain fly off. The entire top of the tent is a screen so taking the rain fly off allowed the wind to just pass right through. That night we could see the stars while we were falling asleep.

After we set up Taraz, Ruh and I headed out on a little hike. Taraz really wanted to show us a place he had found earlier. The sun was setting and it made all the colors so dramatic. He led us is a small canyon. We walked along the cliff's edge and we could look down into the valley. There were lots of little pools of water circled by green plants. On the far side of the canyon we could see a waterfall. When we got back to camp Ruh put on some t-bone steaks and we enjoyed a yummy dinner. We headed to bed around 10:30. The wind did whip the tent around a little bit and every once in a while the tent would hit my head. But we were nice and cozy warm so the night wasn't really that hard. Sometime in the night the wind stopped. We woke to a calm breeze and George and Bonita were out for a glide in their canoe.

After breakfast we headed out for a hike. We walked down to a canyon. There was a lake and we decided to make our way around it. At one point the trail ended and we had to navigate lots of rocks and boulders. It was slow going but lots of fun. When we got to the other side the boys decided to take a dip in the lake. I was wishing I had brought my board shorts with me or I would have joined them.

I am now very willing to go on more one night camping trips! I have cleaned all our camping gear and it is all set for the next trip! :)

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Katherine Hall said...

Sounds like you had a great time. Wonderful photos Annie. I love the music that is playing as I look at your images. "Indescribable, uncontainable...all powerful...you are amazing God...", very appropriate for such wonderful images of His creation. Even the rocks praise Him!

Love you!

Ruhiyyih Rose said...

I love the photos! I am so glad you guys were able to get out, even if only for one day, for such a great adventure :) YAY!!! That pic of Taraz climbing the rock wall we also took in Sept of last year :) I love the video too - is that music from "The River Runs Through It" or "Legends of the Fall"? So great!!

HUGS!!! (I am homesick now...)

George Wesley Dannells said...

Yes, Annie, it is worth it to do just a weekend, with one overnight. Things can be set up in a flash, and then you are so glad you did it! You don't have to pack a ton of food, and you can still pack in loads of fun. I LOVED the sound of the shale rubble sliding down the mountain in your video where Taraz is walking. Such a delightful sound. That hike was fantastic, and challenging.

I also liked how you made pancakes first thing to feed everyone. That made it convenient for me to enjoy making the polenta breakfast that followed. People weren't ravenous. Just a good system, good teamwork.

I hope you and Rue have a chance to have more "one night, full-weekend get-away's". They can be so powerfully rejuvinating and relaxing at the same time.

Rach said...

What a wonderful time spent with family. :o) The scenery is just gorgeous and I so often forget Washington has deserts as well as rainforests!

I'm glad you had such a wonderful time! :o)

Katherine Hall said...

Hi Annie,

Running a test.

Love you,