Saturday, March 21, 2009





Yesterday I received my little indoor greenhouse and tomato seeds and today I planted them! I ordered them through Tomato Growers Supply. I bought seven different kinds of tomatoes but decided to only grow three of them. I realized I was getting a little ambitious seeing as I have never grown tomatoes before. My dad is wanting to grow some tomatoes so I will probably give him the extra seeds. I decided to grow Roma, Ball's Beefsteak and Flamme. Flamme are a small orange tomato which are excellent for adding to salads. Roma are good for making sauces and canning. My mother-in-law Bonita was telling me I could also dehydrate them and then package them in olive oil for "sun" dried tomatoes. Beefsteak are great for sandwiches or just sliced up and sprinkled with a little bit of salt.

First I had to add warm water to the pellets to let them expand. After they expanded fully I then had to pour off the excess water. To plant the seeds I gently peeled back the netting on the top of the pellets. I planted two seeds per pellet and covered them with no more than 1/4 inch of peet.

I made sure to label which rows were which type of tomato.

Then I put the lid on and put the tray on top of the fridge. This is a nice warm spot to germinate the seeds. It should take 7-10 days for the seeds to germinate and once I see the first sprouts I will prop open the lid until all of the seedlings have sprouted. After this I will remove the lid and place a special light over them to help them grow. Once they are ready to be planted I need to put them outside for a couple hours each day then bring them back inside to get them acclimated. After a week they should be ready to plant. So cross your fingers everyone! I will keep you posted on how they do!


Katherine Hall said...

Can't wait to try your homemade spaghetti this summer (with the homemade spaghetti sauce)!

Rach said...

Ooooh, goody! I look forward to watching your plants grow and seeing the fruits of your labor come summer! :o) (No pun intended, lol!)

George Wesley Dannells said...

Good luck with the tomatoes! We're getting some warmer weather so it will start to get busy in the garden.

Bonita said...

oops....that was me! George doesn't do much gardening!