Sunday, May 14, 2006

Mother's Day Poem by Dorothy Gold Wallace

When Grammy, my great gramma, was a teenager she wrote her mother this Mother's Day Poem around 1920.

My Mother
The rose is so sweet and beautiful
Tis the rose that is always worn
Its smell is so delicious
But where is the rose without a thorn?
The violet is tiny and wild and shy
The most delicate flower made
Its color is the rich and royal purple
But where is the violet that will not fade?
The dandelion is like the sun
It scatters afar its seed
It is the first to come in Spring
But where is the dandelion that is not a weed?
The pansy stands always for joy
It holds its head up high
It far surpasses all the flowers
But where is the pansy that cannot die?
Ah! I know a rose and a violet,
A dandelion and pansy too
That has no thorns and always is
True, ah oh! so true.
She has the roses' loveliness
She has the violet's grace
She has the dandelion's heart of gold
And the pansy's smiling face.
She has no thorns to prick us
Nor has she any weed
She scatters afar her kindness
As the dandelion scatters its seed.
Do not ask me who she is
You must know I'm very sure?
She is my Mother darling
So sweet, so kind, and so pure.
Written by Dorothy Gold Wallace, circa 1920

This is the Sundin Family. My great gramma and great grampa are in the middle. This is a picture of their 50th wedding anniversary. The second row is their children with their spouses and the the back row is their grand children and their spouses. This was a little while before any great grandchildren were born, including me. :) So as you can imagine our whole family is even larger now!


rachd said...

You are blessed to come from such a large and loving family! The poem was wonderful as well =).

mreddie said...

Great poem - I do like it when family writings get passed down to the young ones. The family photo is really one of saving memories - of those that pass from us or even what we once looked like. ec

Bonita said...

What a big family! And a great poem, too.