Saturday, May 20, 2006

Rosie's Hiding Place

A couple days ago my kitty Rosie just all of a sudden disappeared. I had the back door open out the balcony. I looked in both bedrooms, under beds, behind chairs and in all the closets, but no Rosie. I feared that maybe she had gotten onto the balcony railing and jumped off. One side of the balcony is just about 4 feet above a rock wall that she could easily jump too. I was heading to get my shoes on and go outside and look for her when I thought of one more place to look for her. I thought there was no way she would be there but I thought I better give it a chance. I went to the bathroom and the cupboard doors were closed under the sink. I opened them anyway. Dangling down in the cupboard was a grey tail! I crouched down and stuck my head inside under the sink. There was Rosie curled up in one of the drawers. The drawer wasn't even open! I was shocked that she could even fit in there! I started laughing and asked her what she was doing in there. She just looked at me like "Please close the doors, I am sleeping." So I snapped a picture. Now I know where to look if she ever goes missing again. And now I know why there was tons of cat hair in my make-up drawer! :)


mreddie said...

Now that looks like one happy and relaxed cat that had no idea somebody was concerned about her. ec

Bonita said...

Reminds me of the time our Mordrid got locked in our neighbor's basement....fortunately, I was walking by, heard him scratching, and got her to unlock the basement door. Somehow, she'd left that door open, and he ran inside. He'd been gone for almost a week.

country-gospel-singer said...

Very Cute!! LOL Janie Marie

Nicole said...

that is adorable. Does Rosie need any friends, temporarily! It looks like we are going to be 'neighbors' sooner than I thought!

itsboopchile said...

That was so frustrating, but isn't that what cats are for!!!
I read once that cats were once worshipped as gods and they haven't gotten over it.
Rosie is one fortunate kitten, she has someone loving her!!
See you, Betty G

rachd said...

Our kitty insists on staying under our bed, and only coming out at night. He wants lovin', we want to sleep. That's a cat for you.

Rosie is such a beauty!