Saturday, November 18, 2006

Decorating Autumn Cookies with Daisy

My daughter Daisy and I enjoyed an afternoon of decorating sugar cookies yestruday. The cookies were cute into autumn shapes. I bought vanilla frosting and then separated it two ways and dyed one orange and one yellow. I also bought candy corn, chocolate sprinkles and mini chocolate chips. We chatted and watched the movie "Finding Nemo" while we worked. And of course we snatched a few of the decorations here and there and ate them. :)

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mreddie said...

I enjoyed the video, it was like watching one of my granddaughters work - cute! ec

Bonita said...

That is a very sweet video, Annie. I like the music, too...and I always enjoy seeing Daisy have a good time. I watched a little of 'Finding Nemo' last week, too.

BTW, my thanks to Rue for giving us that huge turkey! 23 lbs! I'll be cooking it tomorrow morning...I'm happy to share if you want to stop by! I'll let the others know,also.

mom said...

Looks like you had a whole lot of fun!! (And the cookies were delicious too!)

rachd said...

How fun and sweet! I need to figure out how to add music to my videos, I loved it in yours =).