Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Midwife Appointment Update

I had my follow-up appointment for my D&C yesterday. The midwife told us she talked to the doctor who did my D&C and they found that I did not have a molar pregnancy after all. She said it was just a normal first trimester miscarriage that they caught before I actually started to have the symptoms of a miscarriage. This is good news. Because it was not actually a molar pregnancy I do not have to worry about any of the health issues that go along with it. I will not have to get my blood taken every week! I will get it taken next week just to make sure my hormones are back to normal. The midwife said most likely by next week my hormones will be where they need to be. Also she said that because it was a normal miscarriage we can start trying again as soon as I have a normal cycle! Rue and I talked about it and we decided that even if I get all back to normal really soon we are going to wait until this summer to try again.

It is actually really comforting to know that I did actually get attached to a baby and not just a mass of tissue. The baby probably died VERY early on in the pregnancy. So now I know the baby went straight to heaven. This last summer we were learning about Heaven in Sunday School. We talked about whether or not a baby is actually still a baby in Heaven when it dies and then it grows up there or if when it dies it goes to Heaven and immediately is grown up and has its new body. We kind of thought that perhaps it is already grown up but of course we cannot be certain until we get there ourselves. Either way we know the baby is in Heaven. Thank you again to all of you who have been praying for us! God is good! :)


bonita said...

Annie, you can pray for the progress of your baby's soul, as a gesture of continued remembrance and love.

Jess said...

Annie, what a good piece of news in the midst of so much sadness. I think Bob and I will be trying again this summer too- it would be very fun if we were pregnancy buddies!

I also wonder about all the babies that are lost. I truly believe their little souls are with God and that they will continue to progress throughout eternity.

Hugs to you! You are such a strong, lovely woman and you have handled a really sad life event with so much grace and faith.

rachd said...

Annie, what excellent news! I can only imagine how devastating this has been to you and your families. I wish I could say Brien and I were going to try again this summer so I could be there with you and Jessie, but he says two is enough for him ;o).

itsboopchile said...

That is really good news and a reminder that God is looking out for you.
I am praying that you will have children as my granddaughter did after losing her first baby.
You seem to have a very loving heart.
My best to you.

Betty G