Monday, July 13, 2009

Daniel's First Camping Trip

So we haven't had internet for a while and it is getting pretty frustrating. So I am writing this post at Starbucks using the free wireless with my registered Starbucks card. I get 2 free hours everyday. Of course I won't be coming to Starbucks everyday to use the internet but I figure once a week is good. Daniel is at home with Daddy and I am getting a little time to myself. And Starbucks is a pretty nice place to go on the internet if I do say so myself. How many people can say they have a job that they enjoy going in to work even when they are on maternity leave?! All the girls are really excited to see me too but a little bummed I don't have Daniel with me. I have brought him in once and I will bring him in many more times I am sure.

But anyway, we went camping in the Cascades with Ruh's parents and my sis-in-law Ruhiyyih this past week. We made a bed for me in the back of our Rav4 and put Daniel in a Rubbermaid container to sleep in next to me. He and I stayed toasty and it made those middle of the night feedings a lot easier not being in a tent. The first couple of days were a little difficult and I was wondering what in the world I was doing but then I adjusted and it was a lot of fun. I am so glad Daniel and I went and I can't wait for our next camping trip.

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