Friday, January 22, 2010

A delightful day...

My brother-in-law Rahmat came over last night for an evening of video games with Ruh. He spent the night and was still in bed this morning when I got back from work. So Ruh took Daniel in to wake Uncle Rahmat. Ruh put him on Rahmat's chest and Daniel smiled at first. Then he started looking at Rahmat very suspiciously like he wasn't quite sure about him. It didn't take too long after that for Daniel to lose it and start crying hysterically until I took him. I should have taken a picture of that moment, it was kind of cute. They reconciled later on.

Later that afternoon we took Rahmat back over to Tacoma and went and picked my mother-in-law Bonita up to go walk the Chamber's Creek Trail. I made sure Daniel was bundled up nice and warm since it was pretty chilly today. Bonita and I were walking and talking while Ruh walked the dog. At one point I checked on Daniel and his hat had fallen down over his face and he was doing his best to suck his thumb. I have no idea how long he had been like this because he didn't even whine or protest that his hat was over his face! I had to take a picture, of course! Shortly after that he fell asleep and enjoyed a nice little nap while we were walking.

We had worked up an appetite during our walk so we went back over to Bonita's and she had made some scrumptious soup beforehand that we all enjoyed. We sat, ate and visited. After we said goodbye to Bonita we headed over to REI to pick up the baby backpack that had arrived. I can't wait to use it!

It was just one of those lovely, spontanious days and I can't wait for our next one!


Bonita said...

I sure enjoyed my afternoon with you, Annie! Little Daniel is such a hoot. I enjoyed watching him play with Rue.

Rach said...

We got a Sherpani for Lily as well. We researched the heck out of decent packs and LOVE this one. :o)