Saturday, February 13, 2010

Little creature in my laundry...

I think one of Ruh's favorite things to do to Daniel is bury him in laundry. Daniel tends to think it's pretty funny too. :) He turned 8 months old on the 12th.

Since I last posted I registered to run a 5K race on March 20th! This will be my first 5K and I am very excited (and nervous) about it. I have been training and working really hard to get myself in good shape. I look forward to each of my training runs. I always feel a little nervous before each new long run because it is longer than the one before. But I do it and each time I finish and am pleasantly surprised at how I am getting stronger and stronger. There is still a bit of extra weight on me and I always thought that I couldn't be in good shape if I was overweight but I was wrong. I am running longer and faster than I ran even when I was my thinnest! I am still working on losing weight and running is definitely helping me with that. I have to give a shout out to my sis-in-law Ruhiyyih. I don't know if I would be running like I am if I hadn't been inspired by her. She has been running for a couple years now and has run the New York and Boston Marathons and will be running the Missoula Marathon in Montana this summer with her hubby Matt. I am looking forward to going on a run with her the next time we get a chance (though my legs are a bit shorter than hers so I might be sprinting while she is doing a leisurely jog.)

Ruhiyyih asked me to take a picture of Daniel's new teeth. Well, I tried and it is blurry but you can see two little teeth, so here you go Ruhiyyih! :)

Miss Daisy came home from school on Thursday and announced that she is on the Honor Roll! The next day we got her report card in the mail and she has all A's and one B! As a reward Ruh let her open an account on Facebook. She is really excited. I thought I would share a random quote she made up as Daisy is the Queen-of-Randomness. "If one pickle is fundamental, imagine a whole jar!" :)

So tomorrow is Valentine's Day. Yes, Ruh and I are going to do the traditional dinner date but we are going to start off the day with a hike! It is suppose to rain tomorrow pretty much everywhere in Western Washington but we decided to take our ponchos and rain gear and enjoy the outdoors anyway. We will be heading up to Mt. Rainier but staying below the snow this time. There are a couple hikes near Longmire that we will choose from. I would like to do the Rampart Ridge Loop. It's a 4.5 mile loop and we could do it pretty quickly. On a clear day this hike is suppose to offer wonderful views of the mountain but I have resigned myself to the fact that I most likely won't be seeing the mountain tomorrow. The point is to go and do something we like doing together even if it is a little silly to do in the rain. We plan on going to the Copper Creek Inn for dinner on our way home. It is a lovely little Inn located just outside the park. I'm sure a bowl of their hot chili is going to be pretty inviting after a hike in the rain. Ruh also bought me a pair of nice hiking poles for Valentine's Day. I ordered them online so I won't have them for this hike. They are really going to help me on hikes when I am carrying Daniel on my back. I can't wait to try them out!

To end this post I will include some cute and funny pictures of Daniel I took the other day. :)


Rach said...

I just can't believe how BIG both Daniel and Daisy are getting! Way to go, Daisy on the honor roll!! :o)

That quote had me lol--what a great kiddo!

How exciting you're doing a 5k. I ran track in high school, and played rugby in college, and the thought of getting out there and running again absolutely TERRIFIES me, lol! I may be inspired. :o)

Bonita said...

I can do 4 miles but not 5, and most of it has to be on a decline to get me going! I hope you keep up the jogging, just a good habit for life. Good luck on your first 5K!

Little Daniel is such a happy child. I look forward to seeing him on the weekend.

Ruhiyyih Rose said...

Oh my goodness that last pic of baby Dan Dan... I can hardly stand it... SO CUTE!

You will do amazing at your first 5k! They are so adventure all started with a few runs around the block and by signing up for a local 5K....

I am sorry you had a headache on Valentines'...and that you will get out and use those poles soon!

Hugs - see you this weekend!