Wednesday, October 13, 2010

I love this mountain...

(My dad took the majority of these gorgeous pictures.)
Dad, Daniel and I did some more hiking up at Mt. Rainier this past week. We went up to Paradise and then we went to the other side of the mountain to Sunrise. At Paradise we hiked part of the Skyline Trail and the Golden Gate Trail. The fall colors were absolutely spectacular!

The fall colors were spectacular!

We also saw a total of NINE bears! It seemed that each ridge we came across there were bears on it eating berries! It was amazing. The only time I was ever nervous about it was when we were hiking through the woods and some brush for a little bit. I really didn't feel like startling a mama with her cubs. But they were beautiful to look at from a distance. We didn't get pictures of all of them and some of the pictures weren't the best.

We were blessed with another gorgeous fall day so we headed up to Sunrise on the other side of the mountain. Same mountain, different view! :)

Daniel was a happy little hiker as usual. Just the other morning I took him with me when I went to grab something out of the car and he got all excited and kept saying "ike", his word for hike. He thought we were leaving on a hike and got all excited! Too cute! I have a feeling these might be the last hikes for the season. You never know though, if the weather holds we might have to fit another one in!

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Ruhiyyih Rose said...

Dan Dan is going to have a little pair of hiking boots SOON! :)

Wonderful photos - I love the bear shot, well done to Tim!