Tuesday, October 26, 2010

I will never make that mistake again...

Yesterday I pulled out my sewing machine and got a little station all set up at the kitchen table to start sewing the little bird ornaments from the fabric my Gramma gave me. I started sewing and quickly realized that I had cut out the pieces WRONG! And I had used up ALL of the fabric so there isn't any extra for me to re-cut. I sat there just staring at the pieces I had in my hands on the verge of tears.

But all is not lost and I can still use the pieces I cut. I am thinking I will use them to make a little mini Christmas quilt that I can use on the coffee table or kitchen table. Or I could even hang it on the wall as a wall hanging at Christmas time. I am still very determined to make those little bird ornaments so I stopped by the quilting store in the harbor on my way home from work this morning and bought a few very pretty fat quarters that will make perfect Christmas birds. And this time I am going to make extra sure I cut each piece correctly. A good thing is I know I will never make that mistake again! :)

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Bonita said...

I know that feeling. Once, a long time ago, I wanted to hem the pants to a brand new pants-suit. I measured where I wanted the hem to be, then cut the material...not realizing I needed extra material for the inner hemline! Well, I just hemed them 'highwater', and wore them. I sure looked... (oh God, is there a word for it?)