Saturday, January 01, 2011

My electric night and Happy New Year...

Happy New Year everyone! I rang the new year in nice and cozy in bed.

The night before had been very exhausting. I had put Daniel to bed at 7pm and took a shower. I pulled out the blow dryer and when I started using it the exhaust fan in the bathroom shut off and then the outlet started crackling and sparking! Since Ruh was at work I called my dad. He told me to go out to the circuit box and shut off the the switches to the bathrooms. Well, none of the switches are marked so I had no clue which ones to shut off. I called dad back and he said it would probably be best to shut the power off completely and come and spend the night at their house. Mom said she would come over and help me pack up Daniel. While mom was on her way I went to the bedroom to pack some things. The light only turned on dimly and made a humming noise and the outlets starting crackling. I went to the back bathroom and tried turning that light on and the exact same thing happened and the outlets started sparking! I could hear the printer turning off and on in the spare room and when I checked that room the outlet was doing the same thing! Mom soon arrived and we started packing up to go. I went out to the circuit box and shut off the main power. Mom was talking to Ruh on the phone and as we started to leave all of a sudden I smelled something burning down the hallway and my mom started smelling it too. We quickly got Daniel out of the house and into the car and I called 911. I couldn't see any smoke but there was definitely a strong burning smell. Three fire trucks arrived at our house within 10 minutes. They brought a little infrared device in to see if there was any heat behind the walls. Thankfully there was no fire. We figured that the burning smell had been from the burning ozone from the sparking of the outlets. It also caused a weird metallic taste in my mouth. Ruh arrived home just as they were about to leave. They told us to leave the power off of course until we had a electrician come out and check things out.

I was thinking we were going to have to have all of the wiring replaced in the house and that it would cost us several thousand dollars. The electrician checked the outlet in my bathroom first and found that one little wire had come loose and that is what caused the sparking and then all of the other outlets and lights to go crazy at that end of the house. He said that one little wire could have burned down the entire house. So he fixed it and now all is well! It only cost us $141! The Lord was definitely watching over us! This could have gone so much worse in many different ways. I am so thankful to Him for how He took care of us.

So that is why I spent New Year's Eve cozy in bed! :)


Ruhiyyih Rose said...

Goodness gracious! What an event!! Glad you guys were safe and humored it! WOW.

Bonita said...

I hope every day of your life you have this kind of watchful care, and protection. You were indeed fortunate!