Thursday, May 05, 2011

Campfire cooking...

I finally bought the cast iron dutch oven ( 12inch, 6 quart) that I have been eying for a while. (Thanks mom for the early birthday present!) I have been wanting one for camping and even for cooking outside at home. I also bought Camper's Guide to Outdoor Cooking which is a great book with pretty much all the information you need for cooking outside. I want to practice cooking some meals now before we go camping that way I will have the kinks all worked out.

Last night I made my first meal outside. I made the Mountain Man breakfast of potatoes, sausage, eggs and cheese. It's not what I would usually make for dinner but it sure will be good, hearty camping food. It was a big hit with everyone who came over for dinner last night. I used charcoal under the dutch oven to cook up the sausage and saute the potatoes. And then when I added the eggs and cheese I put the lid on and put charcoal on top of it to turn it into an oven.

When we are camping I will be using a mix of coals from the campfire and charcoal. I want to use the keyhole fire pit method when we are camping. The fire pit will look like...well...a keyhole. The big fire will be in the circular part of the pit and then your rake hot coals down the little neck of the pit to where you are cooking. This allows for more control of the heat you are cooking with. I also bought a standing grate to put over the coals.

I am really looking forward to camping and cooking some yummy campfire meals for my family. Summer is on the way!

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Bonita said...

Annie, this is just great - I'm eager to see how all of this is done! I'm impressed!