Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Daniel turns 3...

June 12th was Daniel's 3rd birthday.  I can't believe my baby boy is three already!  He is the sweetest, goofiest little goose there is.

 He had "dirt" cupcakes with gummy worms. :)

My parents got him his first little bike.  My dad painted "The Bear" on the back.  He calls Daniel Bear because when he was a baby he would make these cute little growling noises that sounded like a baby bear.

I am looking forward to another year of watching him grow and learn new things.

I had to add this picture of Daniel and his Sissy.  Isn't this just melt-your-heart-to-a-puddle-on-the-floor sweet?!

Here is a link to video my father-in-law took of Daniel blowing out his candles.

Thanks to Mom for taking all the b-day pics!

Oh, and the answer to my last post is that the mountain on the cup is Mt.Rainier not the Olympic Mountains.  Oops, wrong National Park guys!  :)

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