Sunday, September 02, 2012

Summer Vacation, Part 3: Glacier Park...

We spent our 8th anniversary hiking to Avalanche Lake near Lake MacDonald in West Glacier.  This is Avalanche Gorge. 
Avalanche Lake
Uncle Frank had to work so only Bonnie came with us on this hike.
The next day Uncle Frank and Bonnie cut us loose in the park and we headed up to Logan Pass just the four of us.  We decided to hike to the Hidden Lake Overlook at Logan Pass.  
There were countless mountain goats with their babies and we saw three big horn sheep.  I had never seen big horn sheep in the wild before and I was in awe.  They are so majestic and they carry themselves as if they know it.  
Here are two big horn sheep.  I tried to enlarge the picture more but it was cut off the blog page. 
Rue found us a lovely picnic spot off the beaten path.  We are used to being off the beaten path in Glacier away from the tourists' crowds thanks to Bonnie and Frank being mountain guides in Glacier. 
Momma and baby goat.
Hidden Lake
My handsome men.

To be continued...

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