Friday, January 18, 2013

Theler Wetlands...

Daniel and I took advantage of a sunny day on Wednesday and headed out to Belfair and the Theler Wetlands on the lower Hood Canal.  They have lovely nature trails to meander in and explore.  Even though the sun was out it was COLD, about 35 degrees.  (All you who live in the mid-west or Alaska, no comment!)

These lovely little winter walks are some of life's simple pleasures.  Plus having a sweet little boy talking to you the whole time has to be one of the sweetest moments for his Momma.  :)

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Kate (Small Bits of Paper) said...

What natural beauty for your walk! I especially like the last photo. It reminds me of the roads in Somerset (one of my favourite places on earth). So glad you had a lovely day with your son!