Saturday, September 14, 2013

Chambers Creek...

On Thursday we decided to head out and enjoy one of the last days of summer outside in the sunshine.  We went to Chambers Creek, across the bridge in University Place near Tacoma.

 We walked over the train tracks on the foot bridge to the beach.

 Daniel loved seeing a train go by.

 Going in...

 See him?

 I handed him my camera through the hole and he took some pictures inside.

And back out again.  Thankfully the tide was going out or he would have had to go for a swim.  :)

     Summer is slipping away.  I didn't get to go on nearly as many hikes that I would have liked to but the ones we did go on were simply perfect.   Who knows, we may still get another one in before fall completely arrives.  The rain is suppose to start tomorrow with no break in the forecast so we'll see. I do love the rain though and the cooler temperatures make me happy.  I actually snuggled into my blankets last night instead of kicking them off because it was too hot.  My garden is still producing tons of gorgeous zucchini and I have dozens of storing onions to string up in my pantry.  I have some pumpkins, butternut and spaghetti squash as well along with some garlic. I should be getting my fall garlic in the mail really soon to plant in the fall so I will have garlic in the spring. 

    I love this time of year.  There is a certain feeling in the air when you stand outside.  The light is different and it's almost as if the world is catching it's breath right before the long plunge into winter. 

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