Saturday, June 21, 2014

A few of my favorite (homeschool) things...

 Here are just a few of my favorite items I have purchased over the past school year for Daniel

This lovely little clock has been so great for teaching Daniel how to tell time!  Most evenings before bed he asks me to "show me some times" (as he would say) and so I set up a time on the clock and show it to him and he tells me what time it says.  He has gotten so good at it now that we have moved on to the "grown up" clock in the dining room.
 This map of the United States I actually purchased as a puzzle.  He has taken it apart and put it back together countless times and is now able to name nearly all the states and some of the capitols. 
This world map I purchased as the map and is hanging in our schoolroom where he can easily look at it.  It's a very colorful fun map and Daniel and I both love it.

 I love all things "Melissa and Doug".  Their products are such good quality and a lot of them are made out of wood which I love. 

I discovered these little "Tell Me a Story" card packs at the local educational toy store and they are so much fun! They are story cards with no words just pictures so you pick cards and make up your own stories.  Daniel hasn't quite gotten the hang of it yet but I'll keep prompting him.  I am hoping this is something fun we can do in the car and while camping on our vacation the end of July.  
 I LOVE the Brain Quest card sets!  They keep Daniel's attention and they are at just the right level to stimulate his mind right where it is developmentally.  I highly recommend these for EVERYONE whether you are homeschooling or not. 
These little readers are so perfect for little minds that are just beginning to read.  Daniel loves them and I let him read them when he is going down for his afternoon rest time and even some evenings when he is going to bed and he hasn't quite lost all his energy yet.  He'll read them until he falls asleep.  He has started to recognize a lot of the words.  I have been doing lots of phonics flashcards with him and other little flash cards I have made myself.  I also really like  It is a great website that has lots of free phonics based games for him to play.  He thinks he's just playing games but he has soaked up so much from that website! 

This is just a sample of the things I have been using for school.  I will put up another post soon with more of my favorite homeschool things.  :)

Have a lovely first weekend of summer everyone!!! 

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