Thursday, August 03, 2006

My Birthday Pie

Monday the 31st was my 22nd birthday. We had a BBQ at my Grandparent's house and pretty much all of the family was there. I have a pretty big family which I love a ton. For dessert I asked for apple pie. Since I am not able to eat cake I thought apple pie sounded yummy. My Gramma said she had never been asked to make an apple pie for someone's birthday before. I was glad that mine was going to be a first. She made two from scratch and they were very very delicious!


mreddie said...

Now that is a great looking pie! I think a birthday pie is a much better idea than a cake - it needs a bit of ice cream on it though. ec

rachd said...

What GORGEOUS pies!! You lucky thing you! =) Happy Birthday!

Bonita said...

Happy Birthday, Annie! Oh, I'd love a piece of that pie - my favorite.