Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Polka-Dot Balloon

On Saturday evening Rue arrived! The doorbell rang at my aunt's house and my aunt told me to get it since it might be Rue. As I was walking to the door I told myself that it probably wasn't Rue and I was going to be disappointed. When I pulled open the door there was Rue! I gave him the biggest hug and of course we shared a good long kiss. :)

That night my cousins Mary Beth, Eva-Karin, Melanie and Mary Beth's boyfriend (they have been dating for two years and are planning to get married and they are so wonderful for eachother and we already consider Daniel a part of our family), Rue and I decided to go to Red Robin at about 9pm that evening. We got a couple baskets of fries and some drinks and had a great time just hanging out. They give you little paper coasters under your water glasses and on the back it asks what color balloon you would like. Of course this is meant for little children but we thought it would be fun to see if they would give us balloons. I wrote down "purple", Melanie wrote down "green" and Daniel wrote down "polka-dot". We knew, of course, that they did not have polka-dot balloons. The waitress came by and took our little coasters. About 5 minutes later she came back with a purple balloon and a green balloon and sure enough a polka-dot balloon. The waitress had taken a white balloon and with a black permanent marker put polka-dots on it. She proceeded to tie his balloon on his wrist. Daniel was a little embarrassed but we all got a big kick out of it. We had a great time! :)


Ruhiyyih Rose said...

What a great story! I am so glad that Ruh made it there ok, hug to him for me from his sis! :)

Bonita said...

You know, that waitress just made MY day! And, I wasn't even there.

I talked with Rue last night on the phone, and he sounded so happy to be there with you. I could tell he loves you so much, Annie. And, I'm happy to know about that BIG hug.

rachd said...

How wonderful! I'm with Bonita, that waitress was fantastic =).

I'm so glad you and Rue are together again. It is so very difficult to be separated from the ones we love.

mreddie said...

How can he look that sad with a polka-dot balloon? ec

BoringTales said...

That is sooo funny. The polka dot balloon. I love it.

When are you going back home?