Friday, January 19, 2007

My first pregnancy appointment

This morning I woke up at 6am to get ready to go to my first appointment. I am going to the birthing center at St. Joseph's hospital in Tacoma. They have several midwives and one who comes to Gig Harbor once a week to do check-ups for those of us who live on this side of the bridge. This will be really nice because I won't have to worry about going over to Tacoma for all my check-ups. My wonderful mom came with me since Rue wasn't able to come. I thought this was going to a full blown exam but a nurse took me into a room and asked me all kinds of questions about family medical history and gave me all kinds of information about what will take place in terms of my check-ups. This is all that happened today. My next appointment will be with the midwife and she will do the exam. Also at that appointment they are going to do my first ultra-sound!

While talking to the nurse she asked if there was a history of twins in my family and I told her my mom is an identical twin. She said then I would most likely not have twins since identical twins only come through the male side of the family. I then told her my mother-in-law is also a twin. The first thing the nurse said was "Ohhhhhh" and then she wrote it down on my medical paper. She then said I definitely have a chance of having twins! I know it would be wonderful and all but I really want to start out with one to get myself use to having a baby first! No matter what happens I know I am going to be very happy, and then very overwhelmed once the baby(ies) come. :) Whatever the Lord's will is I will trust Him since He knows best!

My ultra-sound and next appointment are on January 31st. Rue is going to try to make sure he gets the day off so he can be there when we get to see the baby for the first time. I will keep you all posted! :)


Jess said...

Annie, how exciting!

A couple things I really enjoyed during my pregnancy with Ella were joining my due date circle at I was able to chat with women all over the country who were expecting in the same month I was. That alleviated a lot of my fears because I can just ask and see if they were having the same experiences I was. I am still chatting with those women now and we all have crazy toddlers running around.

Also, we rented a doppler from I had some funny things that happened during my pregnant and this was so great because I could always just check for the heartbeat myself at home. It gave me such peace of mind!

Congratulations again!

rachd said...

Annie, I'm so happy happy happy for you! I LOVED being pregnant SO much =). Since Jessie and I were pregnant at the same time, I was able to play with her doppler some and it was FUN!

I understand your feelings about one baby the first time, but I have a theory (I actually have way too many, but...): If you have twins the first time, you don't know any different. If you have them the second time, you would know just how much harder it is. So, first time around would be far easier if that makes sense ;o).

Enjoy yourself and this time it is magical!

Jess said...

P.S.- Rach loved being preggo but I sure didn't. If you find it isn't as "warm and fuzzy" as you are expecting don't feel bad! I was worried for most of my pregnancy that I was going to be an awful mother because I detested being pregnant so much!

It is such a special time and it is funny just how excited I am for you since I've never even met you. :-) If you have a girl I'm sure Rach and I would love to send a few things your way since we have way, way too much - more than our girls could ever reasonably use!

bonita said...

My next door neighbor is due to have her twins - a boy and a girl - any time now, and I surely hope all will go well for her. Looks like I will be surrounded by new babies! I'm soooooo happy!

When you and Rue see that little 'smudge' on the ultrasound monitor your hearts will beat faster! I know the technicians love to see the new parent's faces, to see the joy!

mreddie said...

Wow - twins being a possibility is definitely a joyous yet sobering thought. My niece has 4 month old twins. ec

rachd said...

Annie, I just read your comment on Bonita's blog about being passed out. I remember those days fondly. :o) Isn't it nice to have an excuse to be a lump?? ;o)