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Joshua 3:4b

January 14th , 2001

. . . that you may know the way by which you shall go, for you have not passed this way before.

As Joshua prepared to lead the Children of Israel out of the wilderness and into the promised land, he informed them that the Ark of the Covenant would go before. Then he reminded them that this was a new way. He said, “For you have not passed this way before.” The land “flowing with milk and honey” (and also giants!) lay ahead. Everything was new and untested. However, they had one great plus - God was before them! Everything they would pass through would have to come through the Lord.

Isn’t that true in our own wilderness journey, especially as we face a year that is new and untraveled? We have not passed this way before. The entire year lies ahead. What ingredients will it hold? I’m afraid if we knew some of them in advance we would want to turn and go the other way.

As I look back over 2000 I can tell you truly there were some hard experiences I had to face - - things that more or less jumped out at me. Things I’d rather have left behind. I never dreamed that one night I would wake to a heart attack which caused some setbacks. I can honestly say, “I’ve never passed this way before” but I can also say that the Lord was before me all the way. All of Paul’s journeys were new to him. He had never passed that way before yet he said, “But the Lord stood with me, and strengthened me - - - and I was delivered out of the lion’s mouth (II Timothy 4:17).”

What are you facing today? Something that is new to you - something that you’ve never faced before? A tough assignment from God? A difficult relationship perhaps? You’ve never passed this way before and it’s scary. Remember the Ark of the Lord stood before the people. God stands and goes before you. That’s a winning combination. Let us face the new year with that mentality. We’ve never been this way before but this time next year we will see that the Lord stood faithfully with us.

God bless each of you this year of 2001.

Love to you all.

--Pastor Charles Covington 1933-2006

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Bonita said...

When I see the lives of my children and their spouses, I pray that they will have good Faith and courage, that they will remain strong and of good cheer, for themselves and others. The world is so hungry for brightness and optimism, fellowship and love. I wish these for everyone, and hope the new year will be rich in blessings. ~ Bonita