Monday, April 09, 2007

Eva-Karin has arrived!!

My wonderful cousin Eva-Karin just flew in this morning from LA on her spring break. (She is the one on the left in this picture, the one on the right is her wonderful sister Mary Beth.) She will be here until this Saturday. My brother Ben came with me this morning to pick her up from the airport. She was very hungry when she arrived, she explained how breakfast for her was a Easter Nest (nest shaped Rice Crispy Treat with a Peep inside) my Gramma had made and some coffee. She wanted to go someplace that they don't have down in LA so we went to the Ram on Ruston Way, on the waterfront in Tacoma. On the way down I-5 towards Tacoma we hit a huge rain squall and I had to slow my speed way and down and make sure there was lots of space between me and the car ahead of me. The weather has been crazy today. One minute it will be sunny and so pretty and the next minute and dark ominous rain cloud will pass over and dump buckets of rain. This is typical April weather in Washington. I told Eva-Karin in an earlier e-mail message that if she didn't like the weather when she was here then just wait 5 minutes and it would change. I guess my prediction is coming true! :) Tonight we are just going to relax and probably rent a movie.


Kathy Lee said...
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Bonita said...

Looks like we'll be able to meet Eva-Karin on Thursday. I'm looking forward to it. Have fun, Annie!