Thursday, April 12, 2007

An outing...

My cousin Eva-Karin is graduating from college this May and her mother (my Aunt Karin) requested that my mom take her senior portrait while she is here. Eva-Karin wanted to go someplace pretty while she was here so we decided Federation Forest up near Mt. Ranier is a beautiful place and at the same time my mom could take her pictures there. What we didn't really think about was the fact that up near Mt. Ranier it would be a lot colder than it is down here by the Sound. We drove through quaint little Buckley and Enumclaw and ate lunch before we headed up to Federation Forest. When we arrived it was most definitely beautiful, but absolutely freezing. And on top of that it was windy which did not make it feel any warmer! We decided this would not be a good place to take EK's pictures! But we did still take a short, half mile, meandering hike through some of the forest. It would have been fun to take a longer hike but none of us, especially EK from Southern California, were dressed for the cold temperature. After our little walk we decided to head back down towards the warmer Sound.

We went to Point Defiance Park instead which was not windy and most definitely warmer than Federation Forest. Mom got into her "zone" and began taking lots of beautiful pictures of EK. (She even took some fun ones of the both of us.) Daisy and I took turns helping out by holding the silver reflector. At one point my brothers-in-law Taraz and Rahmat rolled up on their bikes. They did not know we were there but just happened upon us. Tonight we are having a BBQ and a bonfire at my parent's house! Bring on the sunshine, I hope! :)

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Make sure you pause the "finetune" music player or the sound from the video and the music will overlap each other! :)


Kathy Lee said...

That was a fun day yesterday Annie! Tonight at the bonfire was just as fun, except I smell like campfire smoke!

Ruhiyyih Rose said...

What beautiful pics! I am so glad that you were able to spend time with your cousin, how fun! :) Good idea to go to Point Defiance instead...closer to sea level! :) I am bummed I missed that campfire!

Bonita said...

We've 'discovered the hard way' about those alpine temperatures, too, Annie. Many a time we've worn shirt sleeves in Tacoma, driven up to Mt. Rainier, and had to put on a heavy jacket, mittens and scarf for a climb on Mt. Rainier. Once, tulips had finished bloombing in the lower valley, and we hiked in snow up on Rainier!

What a surprise to see Taraz and Rahmat riding their bikes on the trail in Pt. Defiance. I've done the roads there on my bike with Taraz, and it is so much fun! But, quite a workout.

Ruhiyyih, you hang in there! We'll get some good camping done in May.

I certainly enjoyed our evening last night out at your folks' place. What a nice gathering of friends and family, good barbeque, and a great fire. I sure need to polish up on my frisbee-throwing, though. And, little Gabe was sure precious! I hope you can post the video of him giggling. It is contageous.

Bonita said...

Oh, I forgot...Annie, the soundtrack on this video is sooooo funny! I love the commentary about western spaghetti and "do you want it to be interesting or true?" That is a dilemma pertaining to blogging!