Tuesday, April 10, 2007

To be in heaven...

This is a quote from Charles Spurgeon read by our choir director at our Good Friday Service. When he read it I began to think of Gabe and my baby and the joy they must have now being in eternal fellowship with Jesus face to face. And yet we who are still here and who have trusted Christ as our Savior can have a taste of what that will be like.

"To be in heaven is to lean one's head upon the breast of Jesus. You have done it on earth? Then you know what heaven is. To be in heaven is to talk with Jesus, to sit at his feet, to let our heart beat against His heart. If you have had that on earth, you have had some of the grapes of heaven.
Cherish then, these fortastes, of whatever kind they may have been in your individual case. Differently constituted, you will all look at heaven in a different light. Keep your foretaste just as God has given it to you. He has given each of you some one; if you love it, it is more suitable for your own condition. Treasure it up; think much of it. Think more of your Master. For remember, it is 'Christ in you the hope of glory,' after all, that is your only foretaste of heaven; and the more fully prepared shall you be for the bliss of the joyous ones in the land of the happy."

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Dee said...

Wonderful post. Who sings the music you have here? Lovely. I love it all.