Saturday, January 17, 2009

10 Great Pics from 2008

These are ten of my favorite pictures from 2008. I could have probably put a hundred pictures up but I thought it would be good for me to really try to pick only ten and to limit it to pictures I took. If I had to pick out of all the great pictures my mom has taken my brain would probably explode. These are pictures that bring happy thoughts and fond memories. The majority of them I took and the ones with me in them someone took with my camera.

This picture is of Yosemite Valley. There is no other place like it in the world. I can't wait to go back again.

Here are Taraz and Rahmat on Lake Wenatchee in the early morning fog.

Here is Ruh looking out at Half Dome and Nevada and Vernal Falls in Yosemite. We were up at Glacier Point.

My brother-in-law Taraz at Quincy Lakes in Eastern Washington.
Taraz took this picture of me up near Pebble Creek on Mt. Rainier. I would have to say that hike was one of my favorite from my hikes this summer.
The guys at Mt. Rainier.

The guys again!

I love this picture of my mother-in-law Bonita and her twin Bonnie. When I look at it I feel like I am back camping. I can smell the campfire, hear the crackling logs, hear the water lapping on the shore of the lake and hear the great conversations they both would have.
Here is my mom's side of the family at a beach in Southern California. This was a spur of the moment get together and amazingly EVERYONE made it! With our family that hardly ever happens.
This has to be my most favorite picture from this past year! This was when my little guy was just a little jelly bean. Now the baby is 6 inches long and kicking up a storm! The baby doesn't look like this picture anymore but it still warms my hear to look at it. This ultrasound was taken after some bleeding so the joy and relief of seeing my little sweety-pie all safe and sound was wonderful.
I am looking forward to this next year and all the great memories that will be made and caught on camera!


Katherine Hall said...

They are all beautiful images, but definitely the last one is the most wonderful of all!

Mary Beth said...

Where are all the pictures of me? I thought at least half of the top 10 photos of 2008 would have to have me in them...


Ornament of God said...

all so great! glad to see the variety