Saturday, January 24, 2009


I know it has been almost a month since Christmas but I am finally posting some pictures. It was a stressful ordeal with all the snow wondering if we were even going to be able to get out of Seattle. But thankfully there was a break in the snow when Daisy and I needed to leave so we made it to LA just fine. Ruh was suppose to come down on Christmas Eve but there was another dumping of snow and he couldn't even make it out of the driveway. Which meant I spent Christmas without my hubby and he spent Christmas at our new house all by himself. I am very much looking forward to next Christmas and us all being together with the new baby! He did make the best of it though and did a ton of painting and put in the new floor in our room. It was hard not seeing him for two weeks. But it was wonderful seeing all my family for Christmas and be in my cousin Eva-Karin's wedding.

The first day I was there all the girls came over to Gramma's and we made Christmas cookies.

We were looking at some hairstyles for the wedding.

Christmas Eve dinner:

Katie thought Ben wasn't coming and was very upset. But he was her surprise Christmas present on Christmas morning. I shot some video of the moment.

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Our family tradition is to sing the Doxology when we are all together after we ask the blessing on the food.

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So Uncle Dave gave Eva-Karin a very special fork for Christmas. We were all sitting there eating breakfast when Melanie lets out a little yell. We look over and Eva-Karin is stealing food off of Melanie's plate with an incredibly long fork!

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Gramma with her grand kids and two great grand kids (one is in my tummy).

Even though my hubby wasn't there I still enjoyed being with my family. This will probably be the last Christmas we will ever ALL be together. It was very special.

(The majority of the pictures were taken by my mom.)


Katherine Hall said...

I love it when you post the videos Annie! What a great Christmas we had!

Ruhiyyih Rose said...

Oh wow!! I am just finding this post!! What a great time. You will have to do a post on all of the work that Rue did on the was so amazing to see the progress :)