Monday, February 02, 2009


onday morning! I am very happy I did not have to work today. I was able to sleep in today which I have not been able to do in over a week. I slept very well thanks to being able to sleep on my stomach again. You might be wondering how in the world I slept on my stomach when I am 20 weeks pregnant. Before I was pregnant I always got my best sleep on my stomach so once I was pregnant I stopped. Well, my friend Hannah (who is also pregnant) was telling me about a birthing class she went to and they explained how to sleep on your stomach even towards the end of your pregnancy. So I took two pillows and lined them up parallel to each other where my stomach would be on the bed. I then laid down on top of them and had one leg bent and the other leg straight like a flamingo. I can tell you I was in heaven! It was so comfortable and any pressure was taken off my back and stomach. I am so happy I get to sleep on my stomach again! This is also good towards the end of pregnancy as the gravity helps the baby to lie in the correct position for birth.

I have just eaten my breakfast and am getting ready to hop on the treadmill. Tonight we are having my brother Ben's birthday party since he is leaving for Vietnam in a few days and will be there on the 10th for his birthday. I am making Martha Stewart's Ultimate Chocolate Cake for him. I will make sure to take pictures of it! He will be in Vietnam for two months and then he will come back to Washington for a little bit and then head back up to Alaska to work at Denali for the summer. I am not sure if he will be here when the baby arrives at the
end of June.

Here is something very cute I found on one of the craft blogs I like to read. It is a little crocheted robin! I read the pattern for it and it is so simple to make. The one in the picture is meant to be an ornament but I wouldn't use it as one. I am thinking I would love to crochet a whole little herd of different animals for the baby's room. I wouldn't let the baby play with them as there are little beads for the eyes but I think they would be cute sitting on a little wood shelf hung on the wall. If I have time today I want to make a practice one with extra yarn I have lying around. I am going to try and look up crochet patterns online for other little creatures. I would definitely pick different colors for the yarn than the one in the picture.

Tomorrow is my ultrasound! I feel like a little child on Christmas Eve. It feels like today is going to go by so slow because I am so excited for tomorrow. I am glad Ben's party is tonight as I need to do some cleaning and of course make the cake. This will take up some time and hopefully make the day go by faster! Be watching for ultrasound pictures and video tomorrow evening!


Rach said...

Ah, thanks for the pillow sleeping tip! I was NEVER able to be a tummy sleeper with either girl and it was awful. Now, should I ever be blessed with another pregnancy, I'll know what to do! :o)

How joyful for Hannah to be pregnant! Congratulations to her and her hubby. :o)

Praying for a WONDERFUL ultrasound. They really are SO amazing!

Mary Beth said...

Ahhhh, so it was Martha Stewart Ultimate Chocolate Cake. No wonder he was "hopped up"! Lucky little baby.