Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Baby Bibs

This past Monday we had a double baby shower at church for little Billy and little Gianna. They were both born on March 16th. It was fun having a shower with a boy and a girl because we all got to squeal over little boy and girl clothes. I really wanted to make something special for each of them and I found a pattern for some baby bibs in a sewing book I bought recently, "Bend the Rules Sewing". I really enjoyed picking out each of the fabrics. I can spend hours looking through the fabrics at Joann's. I wanted them to have a retro/vintage look to them. I only took pictures of the ones I made for Billy since I had already wrapped the ones I made for Gianna. I love that they have the little snaps on them. I was going to use velcro but the snaps are so much cuter and they won't stick to the baby clothes like velcro can. I also enjoyed making the little tags to put on the packaging. These bibs are so quick and easy to make and just so cute. I plan on making a bunch of these for my little Daniel for when he arrives (in about 5 weeks!). :)


Overcomer said...

Love it! So cute... You really had fun making these didn't you. The tags are so much fun too! (Great pics too!)

Ruhiyyih Rose said...

ADORABLE!!! You are soo talented, I am impressed! See you SOON!

Rach said...

Oh! I'm thoroughly impressed! They are so so cute--well done! :o)