Monday, May 25, 2009

The perfect alternative...

So yesterday I made the simple skirt I have been wanting to try! It was the easiest skirt I have ever made! And it is perfect for after Daniel is born because all I have to do is open up part of the waist band and tighten the elastic to keep it fitting properly. And don't you just love the fabric? When I saw it on sale at Joann's I had to get it. My mom asked me the other day what was the one thing that I really enjoy buying for myself and I immediately said fabric. I actually spent a couple hours the other day online just looking at fabric. A horrible waste of time, I know, but I got a lot of cute ideas.

Here you can see the hem I sewed on the skirt. I didn't want to do a plain straight stitch so I chose the swirly stitch. I also chose to use yellow thread instead of blue so it would be a little more noticeable.

And then I made a hair tie out of the extra fabric. It ties into a bow at the nape of my neck. I have two more fabrics I bought at Joann's and I am going to make two more skirts just like this one. I don't like wearing shorts in the summer and skirts are so cute I think they are a perfect alternative!


Overcomer said...

Oh Annie...that skirt is adorable!

Ruhiyyih Rose said...

You have a sewing gift! Amazing talent there, girlie!