Thursday, November 04, 2010

He's walking!

Time flies by so fast! My little guy is now walking! For a while he was just standing up on his own without holding onto anything but he wouldn't try to take any steps. Then this past week he finally took a couple steps towards Daddy but didn't try to take anymore steps after that. Yesterday I took Daniel with me to my friend Hannah's house and she and I visited while Daniel played with his buddy Billy. Billy is 3 months older than Daniel and has been walking for quite a while now. While we were in her kitchen Daniel stood up and we cheered him on and he proceeded to walk across her kitchen! We cheered and praised him. Hannah said it must have been peer pressure from Billy that finally got him walking! :) Here is a little video of him walking at home. I would have gotten more but my camera batteries died. I will make sure to get more video soon for all my SoCal family!

Here is a picture for my mother-in-law Bonita! She bought Daniel some cute little bath toys so I took a picture for her. He really has a lot of fun with them Bonita and I am trying to teach him how to squeeze them under water and then bring them up and squirt the water out.

And here are a couple pictures for my Gramma, Daniel's Great-Gramma! When she visited this summer she brought Daniel this little cup with a fun straw. He loves having his afternoon cup of water/juice in it. :)

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Bonita said...

That is SO CUTE, Annie! I'm so eager to see him a little pair of shoes.

When my kids squeezed the water out of their bath toys they sucked it and drank it. Sure glad those days are over.