Thursday, April 21, 2011

First hike of the year...

I don't mean to be negative but here in the Northwest we have been having a pretty crummy spring. Rain, rain, rain, rain and cold have been the main theme. On a positive note though my tulips are tuliping and we are getting closer and closer to summer. I will have a nice sized veggie garden at my parents' this year but that is for another blog post.

Thankfully we have had a nice little sunny streak this week which allowed us to go on our first hike for the season. Rue and I had the day off together on Tuesday so we headed out to Green Mountain near Belfair. We last did this hike a little over seven years ago when we were first dating. Time sure does fly. Rue and I both admitted we don't remember much from that first hike probably because we were all oogley about each other.

I carried Daniel in the backpack and I was very happy that the weight was just fine even though he has definitely grown since last summer. It is wonderful that he can actually get out and do some walking on his own now which also gave me a little break. The Olympic mountains had some clouds around them so we couldn't see them completely but the view was still beautiful.

Rue even carried Daniel on his shoulders for a little bit and we got a kick out of Daniel's choice for handles.

A tired Starbuck and Daniel at the top. Starbuck carried my water for me in her doggy pack which helped take some of the weight off my pack. She is such a good hiker.

We could see all the way to Seattle from the top!

We REALLY needed that hike! We have been having some pretty bad cabin fever! Can't wait for camping season to arrive!

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