Thursday, October 13, 2011

Card making...

I am a sewer. I love to sew. But recently my sewing machine has been collecting some dust since I have rediscovered scrapbooking and discovered card making. I do plan on doing a lot of sewing this winter but I am having a lot of fun playing with paper right now. I bought some beautiful fall card stock paper from Joann's.
Here are some of the cards I have made.

On this one I left space on the front for a verse or a sentiment. I used a cute little leaf stamp and some pumpkin spice color chalk ink. I like to leave space on the inside for a nice little note.

I love this little owl stamp. I used brown chalk ink and used an orange marker for the highlighting.

On this one I used a fall border punch. I put a piece of orange card stock behind it so you can really see the the punch. I used a Happy Thanksgiving stamp and used brown chalk ink.

This one is the most simple but it is my favorite. I used a sweet little pumpkin stamp and used a pumpkin spice chalk ink on the pumpkins and then a pesto colored chalk ink on the vines. It is a little smaller than the other cards. I took a picture of it next to a larger card so you can see the difference. I think I am going to make more of this one.
More cards to come! I am really looking forward to making Christmas cards. :)

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