Sunday, October 13, 2013

Pumpkin Patch...

 We took our 3rd annual trip to Ziemke's Farm Fresh Produce Pumpkin Patch in Buckley yesterday.

 That pumpkin looks pretty rotten to me, better toss it out.  ;)
 Daisy lovingly named her pumpkin Reginald.

 Daisy and Daniel with Gramma.

 Love him sticking his little bottom out for the picture.  :) 

Daniel and Grampa.
 Riding the tractor train.

 Very happy little boy!

 Waving to everyone he passed.
I love our annual trip to Buckley and the pumpkin patch.  I definitely could live up on the plateau in that area.  I would love to live out by Carbonado or Wilkeson. Lots of beautiful forests and nestled right up into the foot hills near Mt. Rainier. 

I filled up on lots of pretty mini pumpkins and crazy shaped gourds.  I love putting them all over the kitchen and living room.  The big pumpkins we picked are out on our front porch. I am debating on whether or not to carve them.  I want them to last until Thanksgiving.  Maybe we'll just carve one.  :) I also bought seven little assorted chrysanthemum plants at the store this past week and planted them in my front garden bed. That spot gets full on sun in the summer and I hadn't planted any flowers in there yet because they just would not survive.  I read that chrysanthemums LOVE full sun so I am hoping they will do well there and I'll finally have something living in that spot. It will be so nice to have them blooming in the late summer and early fall.  

It's suppose to be sunny all week so I plan on getting my veggie garden all put to sleep.  I planted my spring garlic a couple weeks ago and it is starting to come up.  I will cover it with a little layer of straw to give it a little protection over the winter.  It's going to be fun having something to harvest right when I am planting everything in the spring! 

Have a lovely week everyone!

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Ruhiyyih Rose said...

I know he loved that train ride!!