Saturday, October 05, 2013

Summer grass soup...

I was looking through pictures from this summer and came across these of Daniel making grass soup out in the back yard. When I asked him what he was doing he proceeded to explain step by step what he was cooking.

 First take the grass clumps and put them into the water.

 Here he's explaining how it gets all nice and muddy.

Make sure to stir it all up real good.

Next poor one bowl of soup into the other.
The step back and proudly pose for Momma's picture. 

He must have been paying attention when Momma was watching her cooking shows.  :)

Today is absolutely gorgeous.  70 degrees and sunny! I huge change from the crazy rainstorms we had earlier this week.  The rain got so bad at one point it caused all the drains at the Starbucks I work at to back up into the building.  We had to close up shop for about 4 hours until it could be resolved.  I sure do love the rain though, feels like home.  

Have a lovely weekend and get out and enjoy the sun all you Western Washingtonians!  :) 

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