Saturday, October 19, 2013

Simply Scrumptious...

I have been staying away from all refined sugar and flour lately.  Staying away from those things is so much better for my headaches, migraines, and energy level (and my waistline).  I found myself really wanting a sweet treat though so I searched around on Pinterest for something sweet but not full of junk.  I found this recipe for a raw "Snickers Bar".  I was a little skeptical that it would taste good but I was beyond pleasantly surprised at how absolutely delicious it was!  Who knew that pureeing peanut butter and dried dates together you will get a caramel-y taste.  Plus with the nuts and chocolate it was simply satisfying.  I used natural peanut butter instead of almond butter and peanuts instead of almonds just because that's what I had on hand.  It is very rich so eating a small piece goes a long way and leaves you feeling satisfied.  I have a feeling it's the coconut oil that helps you to feel satisfied.  I highly recommend everyone give this a try!  It may even help you to stay out of the kiddos Halloween candy.  :)

Click here for the recipe! didn't look as pretty as the picture but was just as delicious.)

I got my garden all put to sleep and tucked in for the rest of the fall and winter. My first task in the spring will be to put up a fence.  Nothing fancy, just enough to keep the deer out.  My garden is on my parents property and a deer has been frequenting and helping himself to our garden bounty.   My dad got this picture of the thief this past spring.  I have to say he sure is cute...but stay out of my garden dude! 

Have a lovely Sunday everyone! 

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