Saturday, November 09, 2013

A paper chain, shaving cream, coffee and red cups...

Daniel has been so excited for Uncle Taraz's visit on Thanksgiving and he was asking about 50 millions times a day if Uncle Taraz was here yet.  So I decided we should make a paper chain so his little mind has an easier time processing when Uncle Taraz will be here.  I let him pick the papers out of my fall scrapbooking stash.  He has been tearing off a piece every day and then counting how many are left. 

He was playing the other day and I found this.  He had taken an old monkey "leash" we had used on hikes for him and made it into a little "snuggly" for his stuffed turtle.  :)

As a fun school activity on Monday morning we played with shaving cream.  I am hoping this will help him with learning to write his letters.  He gets so frustrated trying to write them on paper.  Writing them with a finger in some shaving cream is much easier...and way more fun. :)  There wasn't too much "writing" this time around, he was getting used to how the shaving cream feels on his hands.  I have found he doesn't like his hands being dirty or sticky.  But by the end he got used to how it felt.  And yes, he is wearing one of my Starbucks aprons.  :)

Speaking of Starbucks...looky what I have!!!  One of the greatest perks for working at Starbucks is a free pound of coffee every week! Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand...\ cups!!!!!!  Some people might complain it's too early, but not this girl! I am happy, happy, happy! 

Have a lovely weekend everyone!


Ashley Dunlap said...

I used to love playing with shaving cream on the table in elementary school! Love this post, Annie!

Kathy Hall said...

He's so cute! Love him with all my heart!