Monday, November 25, 2013

Countdown to Thanksgiving...

On Friday morning Daniel and I left the house very early to go do the Thanksgiving grocery shopping.  Our first stop was Starbucks of course for some hot chocolate and espresso and then I drove down to Manchester to see the sunrise.  The view was gorgeous.  I even had a ferry heading to Seattle pose for my picture.

The view of Mt. Rainier was breathtaking.  Even the little sailboat posed for me too.  I am above and beyond Thankful for where I live.  I wouldn't want to live anywhere else in the world. 

Now starts the countdown to Thanksgiving.  I have my checklist of what to do each day this week up until Thanksgiving posted to the fridge.  I am hoping my family might pitch in to check off at least one or two things on the list. *wink wink*

My tasks for today are to make my cranberry sauce, chicken broth, and clean some windows.  I plan on doing just a little bit each day so I'm not scrambling like a mad woman on Thanksgiving.  All I want to have to do on Thanksgiving is be cooking and setting the table.  I do have to work 5am to 10am but that still leaves me plenty of time to cook that turkey.  Everyone is suppose to arrive at 5pm.  We'll be having 15 this year with ALL of Rue's siblings being here which is very exciting! Time for family pictures!!  :)

Here is my freshly made cranberry sauce! Yes, those are Christmas decorations you see in the background.  Yes, I decorated for Christmas this last week.  I decorated one year for Christmas before Thanksgiving and everyone loved it so much that it has become a tradition.  :)

 I had to include this picture of Daniel and Daddy reading a bed time story together.  This Momma was a puddle of mush on the floor.  :)

This is the book they are reading.  We have a few different Fern Hollow books.  I grew up with them and they are lovely little stories.  This is all Daniel wants me to read to him right now.  I highly recommend this as a Christmas present for any of the little people in your life.  :)

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving week everyone!! 

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