Sunday, November 03, 2013

Little Pumpkins...

 Here are my little Trick-or-Treaters! Well, one of them is not so little anymore but she had fun taking Daniel from house to house.  He only lasted a few houses and then he got scared. He didn't like going up to people's houses.  He came back and sat in the car with me and he enjoyed watching all the kids walk by all dressed up.  I especially liked a couple of little girls dressed up as ketchup and mustard bottles.  Too cute and not scary, my kind of costume!  

 I had to share these pictures of my cousins Eva-Karin and Mary Beth's little guys!  There is just too much cuteness going on! Ethan was a monkey.  Apparently he rarely took the costume off before Halloween.  
 His little brother Cody was a pumpkin.  That is a little sugar pumpkin I could just gobble up!!
Mary Beth's little guy Asher decided to be a pumpkin too! The cuteness is just too much!  I am very sad we live so far apart. Most of my cousins live down in LA and we don't get to see them nearly enough. 

We got a fancy new computer this week and Daisy and Daniel were playing around with the camera.  This is what I discovered saved to the computer this morning.  :)
My mother-in-law sent me this picture on Facebook a couple days ago.  She asked if I wouldn't love to go on a nice long hike in those mountains and then come back to this little cabin. Yes, yes I would.  :)

I am so excited it's November!!!  That means Thanksgiving is close! Everyone is coming over to our house again this year, I can't wait! We found out that my husband's brother Taraz will be flying up from Colorado on Thanksgiving day to join the festivities. Daniel was beside himself with excitement when I told him.  He loves his Uncle Taraz!  Uncle Rahmat will be there too and Daniel is not going to know what to do with himself having his two crazy uncles around to play with. 

Have a lovely Sunday everyone!  Hope you all enjoyed the extra hour of sleep! I did, but then I woke up an hour early and couldn't fall back asleep! Ha!  :)

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Kathy Hall said...

Hahaha! Daniel looks like Grandpa George!