Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Just the other day my mother-in-law Bonita posted an old journal entry she had written ten years earlier. This made me want to go back and look at my old journals from high school and a couple years after. As I was reading them I could see progressiveness in my life. I could see how my relationship with the Lord grew over the years and how different events in my life changed me. I thought it would be really fun to share some of these journal entries with you. The first one that I want to share is during my Junior year of high school. I was going to Peninsula High School in Gig Harbor, Washington. At the time I was taking 2 Advanced Placement classes and I was also battling headaches everyday. Even though this was only about 5 years ago it still seems like a long time ago, probably because so many things have happened to me in those 5 years.

October 17th, 2000

"This morning was an awful morning. I was horrible. I was only thinking of myself and all of the things that were about to cause me a lot of stress. It is amazing how only 45 minutes of a bad attitude will completely make you feel like you have been separated from God.
Before I left for the bus I went into my room and cried on my bed for a minute and poured out my stubborn heart to the Lord. He heard me. I laid everything at His feet for Him to take care of and He did.
I was worried about a paper that was due today and I hadn't finished it because I barely had enough time. I was very worried because it was a big paper. Well, I laid it at the Lord's feet and when I got to school I told my friend about it and she said, "Oh Annie, it's not due until Thursday!". The Lord definitely worked it out. It may not seem like a big thing but when the Lord does something like that for you it truly is. Thank You Lord!"


mreddie said...

Sometimes the only way to remind ourselves about the goodness of God is to keep a journal like that. Otherwise we might forget the victory and think we are facing this problem for the first time. ec

Bonita said...

This was a good story - isn't it great when the deadline is pushed ahead, and we worried for nothing. I trust that good-heartedness is it's own reward, even if we fall short with the deadlines. You have that good heart.