Monday, April 24, 2006

Poor Little Tulip

I have one little tulip out on my balcony. I tried to grow a few others but they didn't thrive very well. I have enjoyed seeing my bright little tulip everyday. (Or as Isaac would call it a "loop". ) A couple days ago it got a little breezy. I wasn't worried since on other breezy days my planters have stayed just fine on the balcony ledge. On Friday I woke up in the morning and opened up the blinds that look out onto the balcony. I thought something looked different but I didn't think about it too much. Then I did a double-take when I realized that my tulip wasn't there anymore. I went out and slowly looked over the edge. Sure enough there was my happy little tulip smashed on the ground. I have learned my lesson that on breezy days I need to take my small pots off of the ledge. I still have one pot of primroses and a large one of forget-me-knots that I will be able to enjoy this spring and summer. I will hopefully be able to find a few other nice flowers for my little balcony garden.


mreddie said...

The parallel I see is that our lives sometimes get smashed by the storms of life, but God picks us up and replants us - sometimes in a different and better place. Was it injured beyond repotting? ec

adannells said...

MrEddie- I love how you are always able to see a good spiritual application in things that happen everyday!
The bulb is probably still okay but it won't bloom again until next spring. :)