Thursday, April 06, 2006

Pertinent Bathroom Information

My aunt and uncle are coming to visit this weekend and since my parent's home and septic system are old my mom wrote down some information that will be helpful when guests are trying to navigate their bathroom. I thought they were cute! :)


1. Please leave cobwebs. We like them.

2. Right sink has no water.

3. Left sink has sick hot water faucet. To obtain hot water, rapidly turn back and forth in “on” direction. It will gradually come on, sorta. Do same to turn off. (Opposite direction of course.)

4. Blue bar soap is the “hairy” soap. for men. (The men use it and generally do not rinse off their body hair.)

5. White bar soap is for ladies. (The lady of the house ALWAYS rinses off.)

6. Stand by with plunger after using toilet. It is a finicky flusher. Tip to avoid mishaps: Flush before adding paper.

7. Please take speedy showers. Our drainfield is over the hill and slowing down.

8. Please do not run back to back laundry loads and wait one hour to run a load after someone showers. (Same reason given in #7.)

9. We offer three different types of shampoo:
a)Bottle with green lid-Will poof thin hair
b)Bottle with black lid-Smells really good!
c)Bottle with gray lid-Shampoo and conditioner in one for
lazy folks

10.Singing in the shower is allowed up until 11pm.


Bonita said...

There are always rules to bathrooms. I had one once: Don't take the comb, brush and Afro comb out of the bathroom. They did, so I attached all to long plastic chords which dangled from the shower curtain rod. I figured that way, I'd have one when I needed it. One day Rue started out the bathroom door, comb in hand, and the comb didn't go with him. He can tell you the rest of the story...hee. I've since bought Afro combs about once a year, sometimes 5 at a time.

country-gospel-singer said...

That is very cute! Janie Marie

Anvilcloud said...

Cute rules, and singing is the shower should be mandatory.